Hey there!

It's simple. I'm an artist. Life is full of memories and stories to tell and the best way I do, is through my lens. I tell a better story through my view finder than on paper. My love and passion for photography has led me to great experiences and challenges throughout my life which I have learned to develop images that tell the best moments.

Born and raised in the heart of Nairobi, Kenya,I relocated to Dallas, Texas for sometime where my interest in photography came to life. I then moved to Chicago to follow my dreams and here I am now.

If I am away from my camera, I'm probably on the dance floor. I enjoy dancing and goofing around. Life is too short to be serious. I like to explore and learn new things. I'm a huge fan of football (soccer) and just to put it out there, I'm an Arsenal fan, always been always will be. #Gunner







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